Successful tests for STOCKO apprentices

Successful tests for STOCKO apprentices

At the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (German abbreviation: IHK) in Aachen STOCKO has been listed as one of the region’s most important training companies for many years. The examinees from STOCKO are regularly among the top performers with results that are far above average, a fact which speaks for the high training standard at STOCKO and which is also a solid foundation for the subsequent career path of the graduates.

Of the current 30 apprentices in 8 different fields, in January 2018 again four apprentices have successfully passed their examination at IHK Aachen. These were Bert Klinkhammer, Leon Frauenkron, and Michael Dieteren, three toolmakers, and Werner Jütten, an industrial mechanic who passed the skilled worker exam and thus successfully completed the first part of his "Bachelor of Engineering" integrated degree program. This integrated degree program will continue in cooperation with Aachen University of Applied Sciences until he obtains his bachelor's degree in August 2019.

Meanwhile the three tool mechanics have been rewarded for their efforts with a permanent employment contract and are already integrated in their future team. In Machine Construction Michael Dieteren assembles components for STOCKO assembly machines, Leon Frauenkron new injection molds for initial sampling in Tool Design & Construction – Mold Engineering, and Bert Klinkhammer supports his colleagues in Tool Design & Construction – Stamping Technology. In a small celebration to mark the completion of training in the Apprentice Workshop colleagues, trainers, and representatives of the management board congratulated the four apprentices on their success.

With its special training management and the associated ethical responsibility STOCKO once again succeeded in gaining highly-motivated young talents for the company. As part of a future-oriented strategy, they will now also make an important contribution towards the shared success of STOCKO.

Successful tests for STOCKO apprentices

From right to left in the photo:

Bert Klinkhammer Tool Mechanic
Werner Jütten Industrial Mechanic / Bachelor of Engineering
Leon Frauenkron Tool Mechanic
Michael Dieteren Tool Mechanic

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