Seven in one go!

Seven in one go!

Not a fairy tale, but once again the result of successful training at STOCKO. For seven apprentices, the foundation stone for their future career path with us has been laid with their final examination.

With the winter examination 2018/2019 seven apprentices have succeeded in completing their apprenticeship at the IHK Aachen with excellent results. All of them will be taken on and integrated into the respective departments of our expanding company in the coming weeks, where the energetic assistance of the newbies is already being awaited.

The success of the training not only pleases the graduates themselves, but is also for STOCKO confirmation of the consistently high in-house standard, combined with the promise of a good professional future – often at STOCKO itself!

For two of the graduates, the dual training as industrial mechanics was the first step towards a Bachelor of Engineering degree. They will now continue their mechanical engineering studies at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences until August 2020. For the first time, STOCKO has also trained two "electronics technicians for industrial engineering". At a ceremony on 18 January, Human Resources Manager Hans-Ulrich Sieboldt and representatives of the management and training team congratulated all the graduates. On top of that, there were small gifts and cash awards. Congratulations!

Seven in one go!

Photo from left:

Kevin Kirfel Tool Mechanic
Fabian Joisten Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering
Fabian Möller Tool Mechanic
Maximilian Wiesen Tool Mechanic
Henrik Heinz Bachelor of Engineering
Matthias Simons Bachelor of Engineering
Jakob Wolf Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering

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