Description of system

Crimp Housings

  • Direct and indirect connectors with crimp termination
  • Codings in accordance with the RAST 2.5 standard specification for home appliances
  • Closed cable entries ensure long air and creepage distances
  • Trimming polarizing pegs to individual requirements produces a large number of clearly defined connector combinations
  • With direct edge versions, polarizing and locking feature for PCB
  • Primary and secondary lock

Pin connectors

  • In vertical and horizontal versions facilitate 90° and 180° cable angles
  • SMT version for vertical PC board assembly

Pin connector panel mount

  • Compatible with pin connector of ECO-TRONIC with IDC termination
  • Lockable in metal thickness 0.8 ± 0.1 mm

Approvals crimp housings

VDERoHS conform

Approvals pin connectors


Technical data

Pitch 2.5 mm
Positions 2 - 12 (up to 20 on request)
Termination crimp technology
Wire size 0.22 und 0.35 mm²
Insulation Ø max. 1.4 mm
Hardness of insulation Shore A 90° ± 5
Type of wire stranded
Temperature range -40°C ... +120°C
Board thickness 1.55 ± 0.19 mm
Rated current 2 A
Rated voltage Pitch 2.5 mm: 32 V
Pitch 5 mm: 250 V
Dielectrical strength Fully assembled 2.5 mm: 1.4 kV
Partially assembled 5 mm: 2.8 kV
Insulation resistance > 109 Ω
Contact resistance < 10 m Ω
Air gap and creeping distances Pitch 2.5 mm: > 1 mm
Pitch 5 mm: > 3 mm
Tracking resistance CTI ≥ 400
Approved crimp connector DIN EN 61984 (IEC 61984)
According to:
- VW 60330
- LV 214: 2010-03
Approved pin connectors UL/ULC E96569
DIN EN 61984 (IEC 61984)
Contact CuSn, Cu-Alloy
Contact finishing Sn, NiAu
Housing PA, glow wire resistant, GWT 750°C acc. to IEC 60335-1
Colour of housing natural
Polarizing to RAST 2.5

Wire size: 0.35 mm² / 12-way connector / on PCB

Crimp Housings

Pin connectors


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