Fully automated terminating machine for connector series ECO-TRONIC, ECO-TRONIC pro and crimp contacts

Main Features

  • Fully automated processing of connector systems:
    ECO-TRONIC, pitch 2.5 mm
    ECO-TRONIC pro, pitch 5 mm
  • Tool head with automatically changing insertion punches for the a.m. connector systems
  • IDC- and crimp contacts within a harness
  • Production of complex harnesses , up to six different connectors, arbitrary wire-positions within a lot, crimp- and IDC-contacts
  • Integrated PC-based user interface, easy machine setup
  • Automatic single wire-feeding, six-fold-multi-wirefeeder optional
  • Optional cutting of 2-ways ECO-TRONIC connectors in chain
  • Capture of production data
  • Quality assurance by integrated testing stations and reject gate
ECO-MASTER Kabelzweige

Processable systems


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