STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC - professional line
WT 165.9


professional line

Semi automated system for the insulation displacement termination of ECO-TRONIC housings.


  • Terminating 2-10 ways connector versions ECO-TRONIC pro and 2-20 ways connector versions ECO-TRONIC
  • Economical product magazines
  • Easy and clear to operate
  • SPS control with plain language display
  • Automated connector feed
  • Single wire termination
  • Empty-chamber programming
  • Small, compact machine size
  • Low power consumption
  • Quality assurance through tests integrated into the programme
  • Low setting up times when changing to different connectors
  • Certification to CE and EMV

Technical Data

Drive pneumatic
Cycle time 0.5 sec. (without handling)
Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 240 DC
Connected load 0.9 kW
Pneumatics min. 6.5 bar
Air consumption 1 NL/Cycle
60 NL/min


Option 1: STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC professional line
  • WT 165.9.0
    Standard machine without program library
  • WT 165.9.11
    Machine without program library for integration to Komax Zeta 633 and to Komax Alpha 356
Option 2: STOCKOMAT ECO-TRONIC premium line
  • WT 165.10.0
    Standard machine with program library
  • WT 165.10.12
    Machine with program library for integration to Komax Zeta 633 and to Komax Alpha 356

Processable systems

Space Requirement


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