In recent years, the automotive supply industry has gained increasing importance among the markets supplied by STOCKO, so that it is now one of our company's high-revenue segments.

There is a strong demand for customer-specific development in this area, to complement our standard range of items such as connector systems and crimp contacts. These include, for example, spark plug connectors, special contacts for items such as lambda probes, exhaust systems and ABS, along with the manufacture of retainers and bases for sidelights, indicators and headlamps.

We offer our customers superior performance in this respect, in order to provide them with proactive support in their business endeavours. Intense, honest dialogue with our customers is part of the key to this success. Our role as a development and engineering partner leaves us best-placed to fulfil the needs and wishes of our customers, by providing just the right know-how at just the right time, based on our long experience and comprehensive knowledge of the market.

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