Description of system

ECO-TRONIC IMS is a connector system that is suitable for classic FR4 printed circuit boards and for IMS printed circuit boards (one-sided).
The requirements of various fields of application, in particular the automotive industry, were taken into account in the design layout.
The performance profile makes this series particularly suitable for applications in the areas of LED lighting and display contacting.
It is also suitable for applications such as contacting sensors and actuators.
The contact layout guarantees electrically and mechanically stable contacting between the contact and the wires with a cross section of 0.22 mm² and 0.35 mm².
Protection against mismating by means of polarising elements and mechanical locks against contact damage when misplacing ensure the quality of the connection in handling and in the application.
In addition, automatic processing of the connectors ensures high quality standards throughout the entire production process.

Connector system

  • Direct connector system
  • Insulation of contacts
  • Pitch 2.5 mm
  • Interface according to Rast 2.5
  • Polarisation and codings
  • Lock between plug and PCB
  • Temperature range max. 120°C (Sn)


  • Premounted contacts
  • Cable exit 90°
  • Wire size 0.22 mm² und 0.35 mm²
  • Packaging in magazine


  • Surface finishing Sn
  • IDC-technology
  • One-sided contacting, contact force absorbed by two spring arms. The spring arm on the back (conductive IMS side) is insulated by a special contact cover.

Contact insulation

  • Insulation comb MV 7640
  • 3 - 10 way
  • Loose (insulation of contacts)

Technical data

Pitch 2.5 mm
Positions 3 - 10
Number of contacts 2 - 9
Temperature range -40°C ... +120°C (Sn)
Termination IDC
Board thickness 1.00 ± 0.10 mm
Wire size 0.22 and 0.35 mm²
Type of wire stranded
Insert cycles ≤ 5
Max. angle of insert ± 3°
Rated current 4 A (85°C / 0.35 mm²)
Rated voltage 32 V (IEC 60664 / level 2)
Dielectrical strength 0.5 kV
Insulation resistance > 109 Ω
Contact resistance < 10 m Ω
Air Gap 0.25 mm
Creeping distance 0.6 mm
Tracking resistance CTI ≥ 400
Approvals Acc. to USCAR2 and LV 214
Contact Cu-Alloy
Contact finishing Sn

IDC housings

Company Standard

Werknorm WN_30.142_KF

Company Standard


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