Description of system


  • Connectors in tab/socket combinations with bridging contacts
  • Connector system allowing individual, free contact combinations in accordance with the RAST 5 - standard specification for home appliance
  • Versions for vertical or horizontal PC board assembly
  • For dual-in-line or in-line hole patterns
  • Contact surface lead-free
  • Clear grouping of connecting positions using movable inserts or empty spaces
  • Neutral and/or grounded bridging contacts
  • Individual positioning and polarizing possible
  • Polarizing pegs optional
  • Advancing tab contacts as grounded conductor optional

Mating Connectors

  • Suitable for RAST 5 indirect connectors in screw, crimp, or IDC technology (In case of advancing tab contacts subject on request)
  • 8105B / 8105FU (screw type)
  • EH 688 / EH 699 (crimp type)
  • ECO-DOMO (IDC type)


  • Home appliances industry
  • Heating industry


VDERoHS conform

Technical data

Pitch 5 mm
Positions 2 - 30 (depending on number of insertsor empty spaces),
higher pole versions on request
Contact spacing 7.5 mm, 10 mm
Contacts tabs 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Termination soldering
Temperature range -40°C ... +120°C
Rated current 10 A at TUmg 65°C
Operating voltage 250 V AC
Surge category1) II
Test voltage 2.5 KV / 60 s
Insulation group1) II
Tracking resistance1) CTI ≥ 400
Air gap and creeping distances ≥ 4 mm
Insulation resistance > 109 Ω
Contact resistance < 10 m Ω
Approvals DIN EN 61984 (IEC 61984)
UL/ULC E96569 (only series MS 941x)
Housing PA, glow wire resistant,
GWT 750°C acc. to IEC 60335-1
Colour of housing housing: natural
SMT pin connector: black
Contact CuZn / CuSn
Contact finishing Sn

1) according to IEC 60664